Partner Benefit

♦ Jointly Attend Local Education Fair and Group Marketing Seminar

We can assist you with attending local promotion events by splitting the booth fee, and assigning sales/technical staff on-site to support. 

♦ Assist with On-site Product Demo/POC (Proposal of Confirmation)

Should there be important demonstration or implementation event, our professional team can be on-site to provide technical support with your engineers. 

♦ Vendor-specific Technical Training Program

We provide tools and resources to assist you in building skills to sell and support solutions. Our goal is to help you solve complex training roadmaps so you achieve higher levels of authorization and increase revenue.

♦ Cross-platform Technical Support

We provide a wide variety of vendor-specific and cross-platform support to help you provide solutions for your end customers. Benefit from highly skilled, configuration, customization, and installation of IT products to your specifications.

♦ First-hand Info on New Release and Trial Software for Demo

We will keep you informed of dynamics of OS-EASY solutions. You will also be provided trial software for test so as to understand the new features well and demonstrate to your customers with advantage in time.

♦ Sales Support and Leads

Through OS-EASY Partner Program, we help solution providers generate leads that turn into sales. Target end users with dynamic marketing and lead-generation campaigns, events, outbound marketing, SEO and more aimed at increasing your visibility. We will refer you local sales leads so you can get the business around quickly.

♦ Tiered Discount Structure

We offer tiered discount structure for partners. The larger order quantity is, the greater discount you will get. So you can fully benefit from both professional solutions and the competitive price.

♦ Marketing Materials

We provide sales support materials such as technical documents, user manuals, advertisement brochures, video tutorials etc. to back you up. So you can focus on your business with no worry about technical issues.

♦ Direct Ordering and Immediate Order Fulfillment

With our own manufacturing center of stable production capacity, we can reliably stock and fulfill product orders throughout our international markets.

Our full-cycle marketing services team helps positioning your solutions, services, events, and promotions. From marketing materials to end users and outbound marketing, our integrated approach insures you achieve success with OS-EASY.