Partner Program

Start Your Success with OS-EASY

With a global customer base that extends from Europe to the Middle East and from Asia to South America, OS-EASY has been experiencing a phenomenal level of growth since its inception. Now with the enormous levels of interest and excitement that surrounds private cloud computing industry, it's a perfect time to introduce OS-EASY solutions to your local market.

Partner Program

As the industry leading provider of private cloud computing solutions for education, OS-EASY has established an international sales & support network with partners in over 20 countries, including Denmark, Germany, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Australia, Brazil etc. 

The goal of OS-EASY Partner Program is to build a comprehensive network of channel business by nurturing relationships and supporting sales. Join our program, you can open new doors for your business, strengthen your position in education and grow revenue.

Partner TypeCooperation ModeRegional PolicyCooperation Condition
OEMOEM partners are authorized to put designated products under his own brand for selling.
Minimum order quantity
ODMODM partners can get product customization service from OS-EASY
Minimum order quantity
DealerDealers can sell OS-EASY products in mutually agreed region.
Minimum order quantity
After dealers demonstrate success in their market, they can be promoted to OS-EASY Agents in designated region. Exclusive Agent in designated region

Minimum order quantity

Annual sales goal


Partner with OS-EASY, we can offer you following benefits to help your business gets around quickly:

♦ Jointly attend local Education Fair and group marketing seminar for promotion

♦ Assist customers with on-site product demo/POC (proposal of confirmation)

♦ Vendor-specific Technical Training Program

♦ Cross-platform Technical Support

♦ First-hand info on new release and trial software for demo 

♦ Sales Support and Leads

♦ Tiered Discount Structure

♦ Marketing Materials and Support

♦ Direct Ordering and Immediate Order Fulfillment

Join us

If you are interested in joining us or have any questions regarding our Partner Program, please send us an e-mail at Once we receive your email, we will be in touch with our Partner Program details.


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