OS-Easy Join Hands with HP, Alibaba and Intel to Promote Cloud Integration & Cloud Class, Empower Education Ecosystem Upgrade

Oct. 16, 2017

On Aug. 17th, 2017, HP Cloud Integration Education Solution Press Conference was held in Wuhan. HP, Alibaba, and Intel enhance strategic cooperation, and release 揌P Cloud Integrative Education Solution?OS-Easy and some other leading content providers in education sector were invited to the conference, jointly discuss about prospective of future education mode.

OS-Easy_Join_Hands_with_HP, Alibaba_and_Intel_to_Promote_Cloud_Integration_Cloud_Class_1.jpg

By virtue of the opportunity of strategic cooperation, HP created the education ecosystem by integrating cloud, hardware, education application resources. It has taken shape and possesses the ability to realize rapid deployment and service. Based on this, HP and OS-Easy jointly put forward "HP Cloud Class"-- the innovative Cloud integration solution for teaching scenario according to future education development trend. 

OS-Easy_Join_Hands_with_HP, Alibaba_and_Intel_to_Promote_Cloud_Integration_Cloud_Class_2.jpg

OS-Easy Cloud Class Solution is designed for education sector. Supported by cloud service, the system is perfectly applied in computer lab, Class Access to ICTs, library, teachers' office etc., providing cloud-to-terminal, terminal-to-terminal integrative solution. Equipped with HPMT20 Mobile thin client, HPT630 thin client etc., teachers and students can easily use desktop system deployed in cloud, realizing intercommunication among computer lab, multimedia classroom, class-preparation room, and office etc., and get exactly same high-performance teaching and learning experience as PC.

Strategic cooperation of HP, Alibaba and Intel will further strengthen their advantages in education sector. Meanwhile, the cooperation between OS-Easy and HP will be further promoted, too. This ecosystem is continuously  providing various solutions to fulfill the needs of education. Future education has already come. The education revolution driven by technology has drawn its curtain in China.