OS-Easy Cloud Class (for K12)

Product Introduction

2.jpgOS-Easy Cloud Class

Cloud computing technology provides solution for school teaching, lessons preparation and office. 

OS-Easy Cloud Class uses high-performance server as the cloud computing center, green energy-saving device as cloud terminal. 

Teachers & students can use the application desktops which are centrally deployed from cloud server and accessed by cloud terminals, the desktop experience is exactly the same as the high performance PC. 

In this way, all computers in classrooms, multimedia classrooms, lesson preparation rooms, and office, can be accessed to cloud through cloud terminal to achieve unified deployment & management, and access teaching resources everywhere.

Cloud Class Components


♦ High performance server

♦ Cloud terminal (all-in-one, cloud box + displays, or old PC)

♦ OS-easy cloud classroom software

♦ OS-easy multimedia teaching component

The network topology

Using OS-easy cloud class to virtualize servers into multiple virtual desktops, then deliver the virtual desktops to terminals in computer classroom, office, class preparation room, etc.

By OS-easy cloud class management platform, the teacher (administrator) can realize cloud deployment and maintenance, unified management, which is more convenient and rapid for management.


Where to Use?

• Computer classroom

Advance technology, new experience: by using cloud computing technology.

1. Improve the campus information level.

2. Low energy consumption of the terminal. 

3. The data is stored in the cloud, make the terminal maintenance free.

4. Extend the lifecycle of the terminal.

5. Save costs, green computing.


Multi applications to easily meet requirements: OS-easy cloud class supports to configure specific application environment depending on different application requirements of different grades, and can automatically execute task according to the scheduled plan. 

Combined with OS-easy multimedia teaching components to realize the screen broadcast, student demonstration, electronic whiteboard, group teaching, call the roll etc. 

Rich multimedia teaching functions enhance students' learning interest.

Efficient and convenient management: 

cloud management platform adopts B/S structure, which can manage and maintain the cloud server and virtual desktop at any place. 

For system patch and software upgrade, it provides “One key update" function to achieve efficient maintenance; during the daily maintenance, it can also remote shut down and restart the terminals, which greatly improved the operation efficiency.


• Multimedia classrooms

Exclusive computer, BYODOS-easy cloud class supports to distribute "Personal desktop" to each teacher who can use "Personal desktop" in any classroom.

It is equal to a portable computer, and not like the traditional model which use U-disk to copy the courseware, avoiding virus attack.


Distributed deployment and centralized management: the cloud management platform adopts B/S structure, it can centrally manage and maintain virtual desktops for different classrooms at any place, greatly reduced the maintenance workload.


Security, stability, BYODOS-Easy cloud class supports "real/virtual system". When the network is interrupted, it can temporarily use the local system, and support unified deployment and management of local systems.

OS-Easy cloud class port redirection supports multi peripherals (electronic whiteboard, camera, U-disk, CD-ROM) seamless join up multimedia classroom.


• Class preparation room, office

Login cloud classroom anywhereOS-Easy cloud class separates application environment and terminal hardware, the software environment and required teaching resources can be unified deployed from cloud server.

The teachers and students can login cloud desktop with any terminal (PC, notebook, tablet, thin client, zero client, etc. ) in the office, classroom, computer rooms, or even at home which makes the teaching resources can be used anywhere.


Improve the server utilization ratethe computing resources of cloud server can be distributed according to requirements. 

When resources are not used, the system can retrieve the server resource; the user can apply for resources according to personal requirements.

Save cost, green computing: the terminal equipment (AIO, thin client, zero client, tablet, etc.) of OS-easy cloud class has a very low power consumption, it can save a lot of electricity cost for school every year.

Increase the cloud server resources to run heavy applications in desktop, no need to change cloud terminal equipment, and it has a longer lifecycle

In addition, the terminal equipment has no noise.


Solution selection

♦ Cloud terminal selection

▪ Recommended solution one (suit for new-built computer classroom)

Using fashionable and low power consumption AIO as terminal, and with OS-easy server, OS-Easy cloud class software and OS-easy multimedia teaching software to form a whole solution.

Advantage: centralized management, clear environment, high security. 

▪ Recommended solution two (suit for new-built computer classroom, upgrading and rebuilding)

Using the hanging thin client, LCD, OS-easy server, OS-easy cloud class software, and OS-easy multimedia teaching software to form a whole solution.

Advantage: new solution and new experience, save space, no noise, energy saving and environmental protection.

▪ Recommended solution three (suit for using the old equipment to upgrade and rebuild)

Using old PC, OS-easy server, OS-easy cloud class software, and OS-easy multimedia teaching software to form a whole solution.

Advantageimprove overall performance; Protect existing assets; Save cost.

Note: need to test the original old PC in advance.

♦ Cloud server selection

In order to meet the needs of different quantity and different application environment, OS-easy cloud class provides multi kinds of OS-easy servers, OS-easy cloud terminal, OS-easy cloud class software and OS-easy multimedia teaching software to form a whole increase the cloud server resources solution.

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