E-VDI Successful Case in Computer Lab of Middle School

Sep. 14, 2017


In order to improve education information technology, school leaders would like to adopt OS-Easy cloud desktop (E-VDI) in their new build computer lab.

Abandoned the traditional PC to realize computer desktops centralized management, it can save much cost in maintenance, investment and power consumption.



In the Fourth Middle School, implement 80 OS-Easy E-VDI cloud desktops in classroom, use all-in-one (AIO) as terminal devices.

Then deploy win7 teaching desktops, common software and OS-Easy Interactive Teaching System for every desktop in server, use a teaching PC as the console for interactive teaching.

Software installed in virtual desktop:

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010, Cisco Packet Tracer, WinRAR, PDF reader, video and audio player, input method, OS-Easy Interactive Teaching System.ing.



In E-VDI, terminal devices are only used for displaying desktop screen and transmitting keyboard & mouse signals, all data is stored in servers for centralized management and big data management.


1. All the desktops actually run in the servers, therefore, we can maintain all thin AIO terminal by managing server.

2. We only need to update or install software in server side when all the virtual desktops need to install system patch or new software, which improves virtual desktops deployment efficiency.

3. Instead of traditional PCs, the power consumption of thin All-In-One terminals is only 1/15 of the traditional PCs, not only energy saving but also fashionable.


Hardware requirements for cloud desktop in the Fourth Middle School:

DeviceDetail parametersQuantity
Cloud  Server

CPU: Intel 2 * 6-core

Memory: 96G DDR3
Hard disk: 1 * Intel 530 240G SSD   500G 15K SAS

NIC: 4 * 1000M

Cloud terminal (AIO)

CPU: Intel®Celeron Celeron dual-core 1037U / 1.8GHz

Memory: 2GB DDR3 1066/1333

Hard disk: 8GB SSD

Display: 18.5" LED-backlit widescreen

NIC: 10/100/1000 Ethernet
Interface: 1 * HDMI interfaces, 1 * VGA port, 1*Ethernet  port, 4 * USB 2.0

Power: Energy saving, low power consumption,≤38 watts

Mouse and keyboardUSB keyboard and mouse set80
Switch24 ports Gigabit Switch4



Simultaneously start E-VDI clients


Screen broadcast in virtual desktop 


E-VDI in class

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