E-VDI Successful Case in 35 K12 Schools

Apr. 18, 2017

35 schools, 1295 units, OS-easy cloud class(E-VDI)used in the county education bureau.


• Due to earlier computer classroom construction, some schools still use fat PC for teaching.

• Classroom desktops are complex.

• Computer stake up much space which affected students’ activity and classroom space.

• Traditional PC often cause applications running slow.

• High components failure rate after some years of using.

• Time-consuming for software upgrade.

• Heavy maintenance work is headache for teachers.


Traditional PC cannot avoid longer boot time, and noisy, 

Hardware and software failure, which caused students’ behavior uncontrollable, leading poor students’ computer learning experience.

In order to fundamentally solve the problem, leaders of education bureau decided to use the latest cloud class solutions for 35 primary and secondary schools.


They built 37 cloud computer classrooms, 1295 terminals in the newly-built 35 schools in the county.

Each school has one cloud management console, each classroom with one cloud server.

The server used OS-easy customized education cloud host, use Intel E5 series third generation CPU, SSD with higher read and write speed. 

For the terminal, use thin all-in-one PCs, the classroom layout is simple. Teaching desktops used Windows 7, and combined with OS-easy multimedia teaching software for interactive teaching.

Software installed in virtual desktop:

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010, WinRAR, PDF reader, video audio player, OS-easy multimedia network teaching system.



1) Deploy E-VDI in each classroom, each classroom with one server for computer classroom deployment and maintenance;

2) The whole IT architecture is good for expansion, can make full use of hardware resource with minimum cost to provide the highest desktop performance.

3) Cloud desktop takes place of the existing office computer, desktop can be login among multimedia classrooms and teacher office in campus.

4) Cloud desktop (E-VDI) has the same desktop experience, in addition, significantly reduces desktop maintenance work in computer classrooms.

5) The system used OS-easy cloud server, low power consumption all-in-one PC, more economical and environment protection compared with traditional PC;

6) Able to support server cluster to support sustainable cloud desktop environment.


No.Procurement projectsTechnical SpecificationsQuantity

Rack Cloud Server A

CPU: 2 *Intel X86 Xeon series, main frequency: 2.1 or above, 6 cores or above
Memory: ≥64GB ECC DDR4 (not less than 2133MHz)
Hard disk: 1 * 1T  SATA + 1 * 240GB SSD

Network: 2 *Gigabit Ethernet

RackCloud Server B

CPU: 2 * Intel X86 Xeon series, main frequency: 2.3 or above, 10 cores or above
Memory: ≥128GB ECC DDR4 (not less than 2133MHz)
Hard disk: 1 * 1T  SATA +1 * 400GB PCI-E SSD; SSD random read is not less than 27M/s, random write is not less than 25M/s

Network: 2 *Gigabit Ethernet
3Teaching cloud terminal

CPU: ≥Cortex-A9 4-core, no less than 1.6GHz
Memory: ≥1GB
Storage: ≥4GB
Monitor: 19.5〃 LED,  resolution ≥1600 * 900
I/O: ≥4 USB ports, 1*audio input port, 1*audio output port, 1* RJ45 port

Including mouse and keyboard
4Teacher’s management machineCPU≥i3, memory ≥4G, Ports≥4*USB, a standard sound card integrated HD Audio, harddisk≥500G, IC≥10/100/1000M Ethernet,  monitor ≥21.5〃 LCD monitor, USB keyboard, mouse37
5Network Cabinets18U server cabinet37
624 ports Gigabit SwitchGigabit Switch80
7Cloud classroom management softwareVirtual classroom management software1295



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