E-VDI in Computer Classroom of Primary School

Apr. 18, 2017

Build green, energy saving computer lab.


The independent Primary School has concerned about buildinga computer labto improve computer teaching. 

OS-Easy E-VDI can save power consumption compares traditional PC, with no management investment, it can reduce overall construction cost and has the same performance as traditional PC.

They decided to use OS-Easy cloud class (E-VDI) tobuildenergy saving computer classroom.



Independent Primary School installed 50units E-VDI, and use thin clients, monitors. 

They create Windows 7teaching desktops in server. Thereafter, students can access teaching desktops to practice typing and study drawing.

Meanwhile, the teachers can use this for interactive teaching, which can improve the interactive teaching efficiency. 

Installed software: Photoshop, Type writing, Kingsoft Powerword, Kingsoft Drawing, Frontpage, Input language, OS-Easy Media interactive Teaching System.



After deployed OS-Easy cloud class (E-VDI), the management work of computer lab is not complicated as before. 

The teacher may real-time view students’ desktop in management console, forbid students to use USB.

1. No noise, energy saving, no more physical space required, so it is easy for students to concentrate in class.

2. After installed E-VDI, it is much easier for teachers to manage classroom. Teachers can real-time monitor what the students doing in clients, forbid students to use USB,avoiding malfunction to destroy hardware and software.

3. The thin clients save much costs for school, besides, unlike the PCs which need replacement every 3 to 5 years, they have longer lifecycle, it is energy saving. 



Hardware configuration in Independent Primary School:

DeviceDetail parametersQuantity
Cloud Server

CPU: Intel 2* 6-core
Memory: 96G DDR3
Hard disk: 1 * Intel 530 240G SSD   600G 15K SAS

Network card: 4 * 1000M

Cloud terminal

CPU: Intel Dual Core 1.8GHz
Memory: 2GB DDR3
Hard disk: 8GB SSD
Integrated graphics: HD Graphics

Interface: 1 * HDMI interfaces, 1 * VGA port,1* Ethernet port, 5 * USB 2.0 ports, Audio in / out

MonitorWidescreen display50
Keyboard and mouseUSB keyboard and mouse set50





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