Primary School Uses OSS

Apr. 21, 2017

IT challenges:

1. Due to a large number of students use computers, use U-disk, access internet and local network infected by virus, these destroyed computers and make computer maintenance is complex;

2. Some students use computers to play games, login Facebook, doing things unrelated to computer teaching in class, there is no good management tool to ensure teaching quality;

classroommanagement software201612301604.png


Strong protection

OS-Easy OSS provides intelligent active defense strategy to defend against all types of virus, bottom I/O interception blocks all kinds of virus attacks and destruction.


Course preparation in computer classroom

OS-Easy OSS creates virtual operating system which is unprotected so that teacher can save their data, install software, save courseware in this virtual system which is isolated from the student's original system.

Classroom activity management

OS-Easy OSS has program management and website management functions which can restrict using application and accessing Internet in client computers, and restrict students to play games, access Facebook so that students can concentrate on learning. 


Support multimedia teaching

As for more and more audio & video teaching requirements in primary schools, teachers need OS-Easy to broadcast teaching contents to all student computers.