E-VDI in Computer Center of Mining University

Apr. 19, 2017


School Computer Center bears the whole basic computer teaching coursesfor school freshmen. 

In the past, the public computer classroom facesthe following problems:

1. Various operatingsystems

2. Software not updatein time

3. Highequipment failure rate

4. Difficult to maintain

Time-consuming to deploy required teaching environments.


School would like to bring E-VDI in their new computer classrooms after learned it can solve computer classroom management problems.


Public Computer Classroom is a newly built 70seats, deployed with 2 physical servers + 70 thin client terminals + OS-easy E-VDI software, 2 server resource pools can meet 70 desktops runningconcurrently. 

Created 3 teaching scenes which installed Windows 7, Windows XP and WindowsServer2008, different scenes installed corresponding softwarein order to satisfy different classrequirements.

At the same time, the terminal has "real/virtual system" mode, uselocal system and virtual systemfor selection.


Software installed in virtual desktop:

Microsoft Office 2010, audio and video player, WinRAR, Photoshop CS5, Microsoft VS 6.0 (VB, VC, VF), OS-easy multimedia teaching software, computer grade examination software.


1. OS-Easy cloud desktop (E-VDI) bringslatest technology of cloud computing classroom into university.

2. "Teaching desktop" unified deployment, "real/virtual dual system", "scheduled desktop curriculum”fully enhance the daily management efficiency in computer classroom.

3. Modifyall desktop PC login name, IP address in sequence in batchwhich meets the rapid deployment of computer grade examination, greatly reformed fast desktopdeployment.



E-VDI Hardware configuration of in computer center of Mining University:

DeviceDetail parametersQuantity
Cloud Server

CPU: Intel Xeon 2*8-cores
Memory: 128G DDR3
Hard disk: 2 * 240G SSD
1 * 1T 7.2K SATA

Ethernet ports: 4 * 1000M
Cloud terminal

CPU: Celeron dual-core 1.8GHz
Memory: 2G DDR3
Hard disk: 8G SSD

Ethernet port: 1 * 10/100 / 1000M adaptive Ethernet port
Monitor19.5-inch LED wide-screen display70
Keyboard mouseUSB  Keyboard & mouse set70



Dual Real/Virtual system boot screen


Screen broadcast

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