Cloud Lab in University Computer Science Academy

Apr. 19, 2017


With the development of cloud computing technology:

1. The academy leaders want to apply cloud computing to teaching to improve the school management level.

2. Due to the special equipment required for software engineering major: IDE environment heterogeneity, operating system heterogeneity, etc., PC management is becoming more complex. 

OS-Easy cloud desktop (E-VDI) is able to solve above management problems, and has unique approach to create different teaching scenes.



Computer software development laboratory has 100 terminals with 18.5”all-in-one PC, used OS-Easy E-VDI, 4 servers as cloud hosts to create two teaching scenes, installing Linux and Windows 7 separately.

When different courses start in class, system will automatically activate the corresponding teaching desktop according to the schedule plan, the terminal can start related virtual desktop automatically.


Software installedin virtual desktop:

Scene One: Install Redhat (Linux) systems, GCC compiler, debugger network environment to ensure the normal Internet access;

Scene Two: Install Visual Studio 2010, SQL Server2008, VC ++ 6.0, WinRAR, Storm media.


Schedule plan- Boot desktops in sequence

Academy Computer has deployed two teaching scenes for curriculum requirements of different courses and different students.

OS-Easy E-VDI's schedule plan will automatically start the corresponding teaching desktop according to schedule before class.


Difference update - faster response

OS-Easy E-VDI differential update function makes system and software update faster, which can be completed during the class break.

After testing: update 100 desktops, about 1GB files, a key to complete the update in2 minutes.



E-VDI Hardware configuration in Computer academy

Cloud  Server

CPU: Intel 2 * 6 Core
Memory : 96GB DDR3
Hard disk : 1 * Intel 730 480GB SSD

Network card : 4 * 1000M
TerminalAIO  Cloud terminal100



E-VDI teaching desktops selection menu


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