E-VDI in University Engineering Training Center

Apr. 19, 2017

E-VDI perfect used in cloud computing Engineering Training Center.


University Engineering Training Center carries computer teaching and professional computer engineering teaching.

Currently faces the following challenges in computer using and management:


1) Due to low configuration of PCs, teaching software run slowly;

2) Different major students need different software;

3) When not in class, teaching resources are not fully utilized;

4) Large number of computers caused difficult management, huge workload of system and software upgrade for Administrators.

In order to effectively improve computer lab condition, OS-EASY E-VDI implements desktop virtualization solution to satisfy different desktop requirements.


University Engineering Training Center used 150 units of OS-Easy E-VDI in three computer classrooms. 

Used for computer technology course, financial course, extracurricular scientific research, and data processing for computer experiment teaching. 

According to the course arrangement, activate the corresponding teaching desktops in OS-easy E-VDI console. 

The students can switch between different teaching desktops at will with each virtual desktop can be automatically restored after shut down to ensure clean environment.


Common-used software in Teaching:

Office, EVIEWS, MATLAB, SPSS, SAS, financial software, WinRAR, etc.


1. Due to the existing instability of the network, adopt real/virtual desktops for teaching;

2. According different teaching applications to create the corresponding teaching desktops, which can satisfy different requirements in computer teaching, financial teaching and other major teaching;

3. When computer classroom does not use hardware computing resources, we can assign all hardware resources to run a high-performance virtual machine for scientific research and big data processing;

4. Integrated with interactive teaching software, provide screen broadcast, remote monitor, video broadcast, electronic roll name, file transfer, receive file, black screen, play audio files, send and receive messages, electronic hand-up, homework and other functions;

5. In ERP and accounting software teaching, all students create initial accounts at the same time, which cause software initialization as long as 10 minutes, E-VDI optimizes desktop and hard disk read and write speed, improve the speed of creating accounts to improve the teaching efficiency;

6. Remote management computer classroom, a key to update template to update all desktops and software for all clients.



Hardware Configuration in Engineering Training Center (E-VDI)

DeviceDetail parametersQTY
Cloud Server

CPU: Intel 2*10 Core

Memory:256G DDR4
Hard disk:2*300G 15K SAS   RAID 0
Network card:4*1000M
Shared storage16*400G SSD
16*900G SAS  RAID 5
TerminalAOC 18.5 AIO150



OS-Easy E-VDI teaching scene selection screen


Enter virtual desktop at the same time


E-VDI in class

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