E-VDI Solution for Library


Library plays an important role in schools.

Computers used in traditional library e-reading room cost a lot of manpower, material, and time for unified deployment and maintenance.

With the continuous expansion of library IT infrastructure, it is hard for IT manager to manage all the resources.

1. Difficult to deploy software 

In order to meet the software upgrade, improve the e-reading room using experience, it is necessary to deploy and upgrade software for all computers, but it is also a tough work.

2. Numerous PCs in reading room, tough maintenance job 

E-reading room usually connects to internet through campus network, which is convenient for teachers and students to obtain information, and it is also easy to be infected by virus. 

Limited IT managers are exhausted by installing operating system, maintaining, anti-virus, etc. It is challenging to improve the maintenance efficiency.

3. Unable to provide a personal desktop 

Students are unable to obtain a personal desktop for study, save personal data, homework, courseware, design etc. 

4. No fixed PC user

First, because the user is different, each computer should install different software for different requirements. 

In addition, computer users are not fixed, software and hardware are easy to be destroyed. 

5. PC performance in E-reading room couldn't catch up with software update 

Along with the frequent teaching software update, some new software or operating system cannot be installed on the existing computers, e-reading room computer should be updated frequently. 

6. Energy-consuming and noisy 

Traditional PC energy consumption is 250w, the more terminals, the more energy consumption.

Can't provide a quiet and comfortable reading environment. 

7. Expensive operation cost 

1) Short lifecycle of the PCs

2) High management and maintenance cost. 



1. Desktop deployment in cloud

a) Link clone – fast desktop deployment

OS-Easy E-VDI provides virtual machine “link-clone” function, which can easily make library applications installed in desktop as templates, then IT manager can clone virtual machines based on template in batch, the desktop can be distributed to terminals via user name or MAC.

b) A key to update system and software patches

E-VDI supports to edit system template; Install system patches, updates software in the template, use “a key to update" to complete all the virtual machine updates. Students can use updated desktop.


2. One console to manage all terminals

1) Login desktop any device, anywhere, anytime

Through WEB-based graphical centralized management platform, managers can access the platform by any device.

They can manage server, create/delete/modify virtual machines, install virtual machine system and software, unified restrict end users’ desktops, deploy and manage all desktops in office. 

2) Manage terminal hardware easily

In desktop management platform, you can manage USB permissions, terminal devices, and modify PC name/IP, remote startup/shutdown which can simplify library terminal management.


3. Dual desktop mode

a) Teaching desktop, meet the requirements of public reading

"Teaching Desktop" is equivalent to public desktop, administrator can customize the virtual machine restore period, it can be restored every time, monthly, weekly which suit for public computers in classroom, library and e-reading room.

b) Personal desktop – for assignment, graphical design

In "personal desktop", data will be saved permanently in virtual machine. 

Administrator can assign desktop account for students’ special requirements like software testing, homework, graphical design, etc.


4. Guarantee cloud security

a) "Dual system" does not affect the teaching when network is disconnected.

While using the "virtual desktop", you can also use the local system. The virtual desktop can be used for teacher’s office, browse, library management system, etc.

When network is interrupted, students can use the local system to complete the related work. It supports centralized maintenance, upgrade.

b) Flexible dispatch resource-improve resource utilization rate

When system or software upgrade causes the current hardware template unable to meet the desktop requirements, the hardware template can be flexibly allocated (memory, CPU, etc.) do not need to change the terminal hardware.

"Dynamic migration" function can migrate the virtual machines to other servers manually.

"Load-balance" function can balance each server utilization automatically to guarantee application running smoothly, meanwhile, maximize hardware utilization rate.

c) High availability-eliminate downtime

Whatever the users do, desktops will be restored to the original state to ensure system safety; "virtual machine snapshot" can restore the virtual machine to a specified point; 

When a single server failed, "High availability" will make virtual machine migrate to other running server automatically (require shared storage); 

"System backup" can easily backup the whole system data, even if the system crashes, it can restore the data.


5. Green computing, energy saving

a) Energy saving–low power consumption

15W cloud terminal is more energy-saving comparing with 300W traditional PC, the noise reduced from 50db to10db.

Cloud terminal has advantages of low price, maintenance free, low energy consumption, it greatly reduces the computer lab cost.

b) Extend device lifecycle

Traditional PC’s lifecycle is 3-5 years, cloud desktop lifecycle is 5-8 years, it supports smooth upgrade; only update the server configuration or add new servers without changing terminal devices.


Project value

a) Library: Construct a quiet and green library

Use cloud terminal to replace traditional PC, the power consumption is 1/15 of traditional PC, and the terminal integrated with mute design, help school to build a quiet, green computing and energy saving library.

At the same time, improve service ability of the e-reading room, greatly save space, create a better learning environment.

b) Administrator: Improve efficiency by cloud management

Remotely deploy and update desktops through B/S management platform.

At the same time, achieve terminal maintenance free which greatly improve maintenance and management efficiency, reduce operation costs.

c) Student: green and secure e-reading desktop

Cloud desktop construction creates a quiet and comfortable e-reading environment for students. 

Due to move the data from the IT environment to data center, it largely reduces security risks faced by IT department.

Virtual desktop operating system is stored in data center, not easy to be attacked by virus compares with traditional PC, greatly improve desktop system security. 

To sum up, cloud terminal creates green, quiet environment for the student, cloud desktop security and stability increase the students' satisfaction.