E-VDI for K12 School


With the rapid development of information technology, the old computer classroom infrastructure is unable to meet the increasingly complex teaching environment.

School IT construction needs:

1. How to make use of new information technology to construct advance technology for easily maintain and manage.

2. Meet the demand of separated teaching environment, high resources utilization rate. 

3. Build economic, secure and reliable computer classroom.


The present computer teaching developed to integrate information technology and teaching application, and push forward information construction in the primary and secondary school.

The traditional computer classroom still faces the following problems: 

1. Teaching software and operating system upgrade, caused computer upgrading frequently.

2. Numerous heterogeneous computers, it is difficult to install operating system and software to all.

3. Fat computer system, poor teachers and students using experience, affect the teaching result.

4. Easily damage computer systems, unable to avoid the risk.

5. Low resource utilization for fat computer classroom, operation cost is expensive.


Construction Target

The objective of this program is to use the latest virtualization technology to build E-VDI classrooms for schools, use education cloud desktop solutions to replace traditional fat PC, make full use of server compute, storage space for centralized management and maintenance.

Users use free-maintenance, lower power consumption terminals to access cloud desktop from server, which improves desktop experience for the teachers and students in class. 

Through the E-VDI classroom centralized management platform to unify manage all cloud servers, virtual desktops, users, terminals. 

Use OS-easy media to broadcast teacher desktop screen to all students, which significantly reduces operation difficulty, reduces TCO, saves energy, creates green E-VDI classroom for all students.

Solution Composition

OS-Easy E-VDI products mainly include: OS-Easy E-VDI server (OS-Easy E-VDI management component), OS-Easy media screen broadcasting components, thin client.

1. Centralized management——anywhere, anytime, any device 

WEB-based graphical management platform, Administrator can access management platform in any terminal browser, which enables centralized deployment or management of all the multimedia classrooms from single location.


2. “Link clone"-quickly deploy desktops to terminals in batch 

OS-Easy E-VDI provides virtual machine “Link clone” function. The administrator only needs to create a template, then clone virtual machines with same configuration based on the template in batch, which achieves quickly distributing virtual machines to terminals by user name or terminal name.


3. "Dual-desktop mode" suits for computer teaching, and office 

In "Teaching Desktop", the virtual machine can be restored as defined; it is suitable for class teaching, training where needs many desktops. it supports to modify virtual machines IP, PC name and user name in batch. 

In "Personal Desktop", each user has one account, they can login their desktop by account to save data;


4. "Cloud update" -Easily update system patches and software for all virtual machines

Administrators just need to login management console, click "A key update" button to update one template to update all teaching desktops in batch.


5. Device Management——USB control and terminal management 

In cloud desktop management platform, not only you can manage USB permissions, but also manage terminal configuration including PC name, IP modification, and remote start/shutdown.


6. Cloud teaching-scheduled desktops

Special design for education, curriculum schedule to start different teaching desktops automatically by time setting.


Meet all level requirements


Simplify maintenance and management process, improve work efficiency

Create innovative, open teaching environment, enhance teaching flexibility and efficiencyUser experience likes traditional PC to promote students’ interestTo improve the ROI (return on investment

Fast deployment

Improve deployment efficiency 2 times

Easy maintenance

Improve maintenance efficiency 3 times

Centralized management

B/S management platform, be easy for remote management .

• Rich learning desktop

deploy personalized learning desktops according to the teaching contents

Easy teaching management

Screen monitor, control computers’ behavior

Innovative teaching mode

Can achieve variety of teaching methods

Fast get and use desktop

Greatly improve boot speed, able to run all kinds of teaching software

Try new learning desktop

Try new learning desktop by E-VDI, build interactive platform between teachers and students

Enhance students’ interest

Open teaching environment, install any software at random. No need to worry about system crash, system will be restored after reboot

Multi application scenarios

Not only can be used in computer teaching, multimedia teaching, but also be used in teaching office, conference meeting room

Promote the informatization construction

Take informatization technology with the education teaching to improve teaching

Re-use old computers

Extend old computer lifecycle, improves the computer using efficiency,protect school’s existing investments.


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