Strong attack! OS-Easy Technology Attend 2013 Computex Show in Taipei

Sep. 18, 2017

As Asia's biggest and the world's second largest computer show, Taipei 2013 Computex show was kicked off on June 4 in the Taipei World Trade Center. OS-easy Technology brings its latest research results cloud desktop, virtual server products which researched by virtualization technology to attend the exhibition, which became a beautiful landscape for this show!


OS-easy Cloud Desktop unified deploy the terminal applications in the cloud, on-demand delivery of applications to users, to achieve deployment environments and unified management for mass computer terminals, and support the heterogeneous computers, multi operating systems and complex networks. OE-vServer not only provides powerful server virtualization functions, server utilization will increase to 85% or more, but also have a unified Web management platform for server, storage, network, and virtual machine lifecycle’s management, and achieve virtual machines dynamic migration, ensure business continuity. Product causing many great interest of visitors, have stepped forward to watch and experience, and gave highly evaluate.



In addition, the traditional strengths products OS-easy OSS and OS-easy System Guarder were also among the display, their absolute advantage in the field of computer terminals protection, will become the first choice of many users.