E-VDI Solution Saves Cost for Computer Classroom

OS-Easy E-VDI introduction

E-VDI Desktop Virtualization System is a concept that separates a PC desktop environment (Operating System & Applications) from a physical machine. 

The solutions transfer traditional Operating System & Application into an On-Demand Service so that it’s available for any user in any device.  


Cloud Education achieves saving hardware investment, centralized management, mobile desktop, and BYOD in campus. 

1. Save hardware investment

Save hardware cost:  terminal side can use low cost zero client or old PC to save hardware investment and with a 96% power saving. 

Applications are installed on remote Server, do not need to install on each PC

2. Centralized management:

Centralized management and zero maintenance of all the terminal PC 

3. Mobile desktop

Users can access desktops from server and operate in any terminal devices at anytime, anywhere  


Desktop virtualization supports different spec terminals (PC, all in one, thin client, zero client and tablets) no need to create different image templates for different terminals.



• Greatly reduces the hardware and software cost.

• Greatly reduces the maintenance cost and staff hours to maintain PCs.

• Expand lifecycle of PCs.

• Maximizes idle server hardware resources, improve performance.

• Increase productivity by providing extra purpose-specific computing environments.

• Improved security by cloud-based data, system and view separation.

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