OSS Solution for University Computer Examination

Product introduction

OS-Easy OSS is a standard computer classroom support system which is designed for the computer examination. 

It makes classroom management much easier, reduce the maintenance cost, and improves stability of computer lab.

OS-Easy OSS consists of six modules: environment deployment, system protection, behavior management, network security, asset management and query statistics.


Where to Use?

◆ Computer examination

1. Modify Windows user account automatically.

Free script automatically modifies the Windows user account for computer examination.

2. Create exam environment quickly.

Create Win7/Win10 environment for examination instantly.

3. Fully support the exam software as following:

Perfectly support Office 2010, Audition 2.0, Photoshop CS4, Premiere Pro CS4, Flash CS4, 3D Studio Max 8.0 and other exam software.

4. Distribute IP for the examination.

Distribute multi-IP for multi-OS to avoid IP conflict with teaching system.

5. Intranet management for examination.

Disable network in examination.

6. Recover exam environment quickly.

Recover exam system just in few minutes.


Benefit to Lab Teacher

1. Take attendance of the student before examination.

2. Broadcast message to everyone.

3. Send/Collect test paper to/from all students

4. Lock PC when cheating during exam.

Benefit to IT manager

1. Create and deploy exam system in a short time.

2. Distribute IP for exam.

3. Remotely start all machines before exam.

4. Remotely shutdown all machines after exam finished. 

5. Intranet management to avoid cheating and protect PC from virus attack

6. Synchronize time of all PCs.

7. Modify user name for every PCs.