OSS Solution for Computer Classroom

What make the customers puzzle? 

1. Students are difficult to focus on learning. 

2. So many viruses on PC.

3. Spend too much time to deploy OS/software. 

4. Network is slow and not stable.


In all, customers not only need teaching software but also require OS protection, software deployment and network safety, etc. 

OS-Easy OSS is a standard computer classroom management solution that solves the practical problems always encountered by teachers and IT managers.

Satisfy customers in different way, we do what customers need.

What OS-Easy OSS does:

1. Provide functions for classroom management.

2. Protect computer system, keep computer no virus.

3. Use a sample PC to deploy OS and software to all computers.

4. Real-time monitor students’ screen to grasp the teaching processing and result.

5. Statistics of hardware and software assets for the computer classroom.

Unique features:

1. Add Clone: only clone the differential data

2. Create new virtual OS based on existing ones

3. Windows, Linux instant restoration

4. Group management: the administrator can create different groups for users with different settings for system maintenance and management.


1. Strong protection

OS-Easy OSS provides intelligent active defense strategy to defend against all types of virus, bottom I/O interception blocks all kinds of virus attacks and destruction.

2. Course preparation in computer classroom

OS-Easy OSS creates virtual operating system which is unprotected so that teacher can save their data, install software, save courseware in this virtual system which is isolated from the student's original system.

3. Classroom activity management

OS-Easy OSS has program management and website management functions which can restrict using application and accessing Internet in client computers, and restrict students to play games, access Facebook so that students can concentrate on learning.

4. Support interactive teaching

As for more and more audio & video teaching requirements in primary schools, teachers need OS-Easy to broadcast teaching contents to all student computers.

5. Asset management 

Administrator can control and manage all software and hardware assets of the machines, there will be alarming when assets changing.



1. Control and support device using: Through device operation log, asset management, port restrictions, software restrictions, schedule, network limitations, bandwidth management, preventing ARP attack, to guarantee a healthy computer hardware, software, networks operation.

2. Ensure stable system and applications: Through operating system deployment, virtual OS channel features, patches and virus database upgrades, OS-Easy OSS can deploy and update software environment for separated computers anytime. 

3. Variety of teaching resources can be better utilized: In order to improve teaching performance, the education sector purchased a lot of audio and video resources, courseware, etc., but it is difficult to distribute these resources to every computer and notify every teacher. 

4. Improve the efficiency of maintenance and support: OS-Easy provides a simple way for computer maintenance. Computer software failure can be instantly restored to normal, remotely view computer status, remote power off, send message, provide remote technical support to help end users to use computers for teaching.

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