OS-Easy MMS Solution


The first operation platform for system protection, restoration and Add Clone of Mac computer lab. 


Advantages of Mac OS comparing with Windows

Mac OS in designers’ eyes

1) A student from Design school said: “Mac has become industry standard. The school is fully-equipped with Mac computers. And basically all the students are using Mac devices. (University of North America).”

2) A UX designer said: “With excellent UI experience, the greatest strength of Mac is high color revivification degree. Mac touchpad in coordination with mouse is great!” 

3) A designer said: “The performance of Mac is much better than Windows PC of the same configuration. Adobe has done some optimization specifically for Mac.”

4) Adobe, Avid, Sony, IK Multimedia, Propeller head, Maxon, graphic design, film post-production, audio editing. Mac provides most-advanced supports and complete ecosystem.

5) Multi-touch makes operation more convenient: When drawing in AI, PS, you can move drawing board flexibly with Multi-Touch; With FCP, you can easily move time line for editing; With these two features alone determined that I cannot design without Mac OS.

6) High unity of software: Formats of files generated in Mac OS are mostly universal. PSD, AI and EPS files can be dragged to many software for use without conversion, making it is very convenient for operation.

7) Leading technology and standards: From the perspective of industry application, whenever there is latest and useful graph image technology, specifications, industry standards, hardware, software or interface, Apple is definitely the first to put them into practice.


Where to use?

Mac OS is based on rock-solid and long-tested UNIX, which is featured by excellent stability and advanced Internet standards support. In addition, with the superiority of multicore Intel processors and high-speed flash, it can complete various tasks in high speed and has excellent graphics processing ability. 

Mac OS is more and more frequently applied in graphics processing & design, video editing, special effects production, model design, animation production etc. for professional use. Mac computer lab gradually became the rigid demand of infrastructure construction for school.


Concerns of Mac Computer Lab Management 

Mac is more and more widely used in school. While for many teachers who manage Mac computer lab for the first time, daily maintenance is a headache work, they have to figure out a solution to the problems.