E-VDI in Polytechnic University

Sep. 14, 2017

Project brief

Recently, the cloud computing technology provides a variety ofsolutions for schools, learned about OS-Easy cloud desktop (E-VDI) solution can realize resources dynamic allocation, centralized management, rapid deployment and other features, the computer center decided to use the clouddesktop solution to build cloud labs. 

Where to use?

Public computer classroom takes original old computers as terminal device, deploy 200 units OS-Easy cloud desktop (E-VDI).

Temporarily create a set of teaching scene at any time within few seconds to meet different teaching requirement, like using CAD, Photoshop, programming, secondary examination, training.

Virtual desktop in teaching scene can be restored automatically when shut down to ensure the purity of teaching environment, also can be set to restore weekly/monthly by individual choice.

Software installed in virtual desktop:

CAD, Office2010, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, WinRAR, input method, video and audioplayer, and other programs.



1. Provide various teaching scenes for different course requirements.

Update template to update the teaching environment to meet the different course requirement.

2. Simplify management and maintenance

One platform to manage more than 500 clients PCs and zero maintenance for the entire client PCs. 

3. Expedite Desktop Deployments, Updates.

Support to install multiple OS in server, all OS with different applications and software installed.

One computer lab with different application environments, teachers do not have to reinstall and update software according to the different classes. Students can directly use whatever system and software they need from the server.

4. Enhanced security.

Desktops with applications and data is hosted in server– protecting sensitive information that would be leaked with stolen laptops or PCs, avoiding data copied by U-disk.



DeviceDetail parametersQuantity
Cloud serverCPU: 2*12cores 2690

Memory: 12 * 16G

Hard disk: 1 * 600G 15K SAS + 1 * 400G SSD

Network: 4 * 1000M
Cloud terminalUsing old PC200

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