E-VDI Solution for Multimedia Classroom

• USB control and terminal management functions;

• Fast deploy desktops to heterogeneous terminals in Multimedia classrooms;

• Easily update system and software patches for desktops in the classrooms;

• Does not affect teaching if network is disconnected in multimedia classrooms.


High-performance multimedia classroom has become school’s standard hardware facilities. When we are benefited from the modern education, it is difficult to manage multimedia classroom devices separated in different classroom, mainly includes following aspects: 

1. Multimedia classroom scattered in different area. 

Teaching machines are separated in each classroom of different buildings, it is a heavy work when managers update software and deploy operating systems one by one, really a time-consuming work. 

2. Different specifications for multimedia PC. 

Numerous computers in multimedia classrooms have different machine models, configurations, operating systems and software. 

It is difficult to deploy software and operating systems, administrator needs to go to every classroom to install one by one. 

3. Difficult to update and install.

Always reinstall and uninstall all kinds of software to meet different course requirements, it is really a tough work for the managers.

4. The hidden danger caused by multi users.

Virus caused by USB and CD using or Trojan caused by Internet surfing, etc. all of these bring hidden trouble to public machines. 

5. One desktop for all users. 

Different teachers need different software installed in the same system, it will cause large system data files, teachers can’t have their own independent desktop, they need to copy courseware to U-disk, it is time-consuming and cause data leakage.

6. Tedious maintenance work, long disaster recovery time.

IT managers are exhausted to work on system installation, maintenance, anti-virus, updates and system crash, what’s more, system recovery is time-consuming and affects teaching efficiency.  


Aiming at these problems, desktop virtualization is a suitable solution for multimedia classroom. 

Comparing with the traditional PC solutions, its low cost, high reliability, low maintenance, high security and flexibility make it more and more popular in education industry.



1. Scattered terminals - cloud management 

a) Cloud Management——anywhere, anytime, any device. 

Through WEB-based graphical management platform, Administrator can access management platform via any terminal browser, which enables centralized deployment or management of all multimedia classroom computers from single location.

b) Cloud Management——USB control and terminal management. 

In the cloud desktop management platform, you can manage desktop USB permissions, manage terminal devices, modify PC name/IP and remote startup/shutdown etc.


2. Heterogeneous terminals- cloud deployment 

a) “Link clone"-Fast deploy desktops to heterogeneous terminals in batch.

Administrator only needs to create one template, then clones virtual desktops with the same configuration in batch based on the template.

Support to deploy desktops to heterogeneous terminals in batch. 

b) A key update - easily update system and software patches.

Just click "A key update" button to update one respective template to update all teaching desktops in batch.


3. Guarantee cloud security 

a) "Dual systems", does not affect teaching if network is disconnected. 

Unique “Virtual/Real” system, you can use local system to continue teaching even when network is interrupted.


b) High Availability - eliminate downtime. 

"Virtual machine snapshot" feature can quickly restore the virtual machine to a specified point; 

When a single server fails, "High availability" ensures virtual machines migrate to other normal server automatically; 

"System backup" easily backup the entire system data, even if the system totally crashes, it can still be restored. 

c) Mobile teacher desktop. 

One teacher one desktop account, teachers use account to login desktop so that data can be saved in this private desktop during the using process, no need to copy courseware to different desktops, greatly improve the convenience of teaching.

d) USB redirection. 

By the latest USB redirection technology all the USB external device can be used in virtual desktop. 

e) CD-ROM redirection.  

By the latest CD-ROM redirection technology all the CD-ROM can be normally used during the class.


f) Server clusters 

In the 50 multimedia classrooms construction case, all servers make up a server cluster, all the compute and storage resources will be put in resource pool, which can be managed in a unified platform, allocate resource on-demand.

If required to expand in the future, only add new server to the resource pool, other management mode will not change. It also can be extended to other places in the future, like computer classroom, library, teacher office, etc. to form a cloud desktop system to cover the whole school requirements.


Start cloud teaching 

E-VDI offers broadcasting teaching functions, all the E-VDI teaching functions are designed for convenient teaching according to class requirements and provide computer teaching broadcasting from teacher’s desktop to students’. 

♦ Broadcast teaching: fast, powerful. 

Adopt unique CPU energy saving technology for streaming video broadcasting, it supports a variety of video/audio file formats. Tutor can use half screen broadcasting, half screen learning, learn and play at the same time. Meanwhile, it can work with whiteboard to emphasize and annotate the teaching difficulties.


♦ Group discussion: Establish interactive and discussion platform.

In the group discussion platform, teachers and students can discuss through voice, text and graphics to arouse the enthusiasm of students. 

♦ Black screen: lock screen for attentive learning. 

Teachers can remote black screen and lock computers which make the students focus on listening, guarantee the learning effect. 

♦ Remote tutor: real-time monitor, remote guidance. 

"Remote tutor" can real-time monitor students' screen and can remotely operate students’ machine, real-time check students’ operation to correct misoperation.


♦ Receive and send school assignment: paperless teaching. 

Teachers can receive students’ digital assignment; also can deliver the teaching document, courseware resources to students. It is convenient and environmental protection.


♦ Energy saving and environmental protection - low power consumption.

15W cloud terminal device compares with 200W traditional fat PC is more energy-saving, the noise is reduced from 50db to 10db, which is green computing. 

Cloud terminal has low price, free maintenance, low energy consumption, it greatly reduces the computer lab cost.